Injection Molding

In-House Mold Making
Production 24 Hours a Day
Runs from 50 to 5 Million Pieces
Wide Range of Engineering Plastics
Quick Response to Short Lead Times
Press Sizes to 300 Tons
PLC Controls for Repeatable Results
Closed Loop Water Chillers & Temp Controls
Clean & Air Conditioned Facility

LTD runs an injection molding operation in 3 shifts, 24 hours a day.  Our climate controlled environment houses Toyo presses, ranging from 90 to 300 tons with automation for sprue removal and grinding.  We process many resins, including engineering grades and commodity resins in various colors.  Our cooling system consists of a closed-loop, refrigerated, central chiller with redundant backup systems that are closely monitored for corrosion protection.  All of our molds are serviced by in-house technicians - and since we have mold design, fabrication, and production all under one roof, we have the ability to react quickly to make necessary changes or repairs.  Being injection molders makes us better mold makers.  Being mold makers makes us better injection molders.